We work with the client in partnership to understand your business, so we can create the optimum exposure to drive more visitors to your website and online content.

We deliver:

1.Increased traffic to websites
Participating in conversations on LinkedIn, blogs, twitter, and other communities will drive awareness of your company and website; Which will consequently drive more visitors to your websites. Linking the parts of your online profile such as blog, twitter, LinkedIn, Slideshare, email campaigns etc, will drive visitors into the different parts of your profile. This cross linking creates an increase in information and trust which leads to greater time spent on your website.

Including your online profiles in the offline world such as on presentations, email signatures, direct mail, etc will direct people to your online profiles, backing up your credibility and ultimately driving visitors into your website.

2.Increased rankings in search engines
Creating optimised blog posts, tweets that contain key phrases and more inbound links from social media sites will boost your rankings in Google particular.

An article on the E-consultancy site shows that linking your social media conversations to your website and showing a strong semantic alliance between the two, boosts your rankings. Creating that buzz and circle of influence around the brand is important to getting your website ranking in the search engines.

The latest discussions around search engine optimisation suggest that companies such as Google are beginning to use ‘semantics’ to analyse the mood of links to give greater influence to people who talk positively about your brand.

3.Increased online credibility and brand presence
You or your brands online profile is an increasingly important way of showcasing your specialised knowledge and expertise which will build your online credibility. As more people engage with the social web, differentiating yourself becomes imperative.

Online credibility is the perception your customers, potential customers, business / collaboration partners get when they visit your blog, read your comments online, read your profile, etc. which is why it takes time to build. People are becoming increasingly internet savvy and can detect the differences between overt marketing messages and honest communication.

Increasingly as part of the sales cycle people will research the credibility of the company and their contact at the company. So they will Google the company and individual’s name and look for their ‘footprint on the internet. The more articles, links, online profiles and white papers you have the more credible you are. The quality of the content needs to be high and the online profiles need to be authentic and real (not just empty profiles and no participation in the communities).

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