Building a Website with Social Media Integrated

The web has gone through a few iterations over the last decade, from a point where it was important to have a ‘business card’ website, then to have a website that acted more as a brochure, then you needed to have contact forms and ordering and now progress is not stopping and the current imperative is to integrate social media …and this doesn’t just mean sticking a twitter and facebook logo on your homepage. Using social media at it’s best means integrating it into your whole website.

When we ran a previous business, we developed bespoke websites that featured fully customised content management systems and enterprise business integration. But when we started a new company recently, we realised that social media would be at the heart of the next generation of new business growth and that the speed in which we could get live would play a big part in it’s success. To this end we went back to a website technology that we had been using many years ago.

WordPress Websites and Blogs

WordPress was one of the first of the blogging platforms and in it’s initial incarnation was limited in use and a fairly nasty security risk. Returning to wordpress in the past year, it seemed to be getting a lot better and more importantly, has become the platform of choice to develop social media aware websites.

More importantly, WordPress has also become a very good content management system and has a range of free and reasonably priced addons (plugins and themes) that allow complex layouts to be handled without needing to resort to editing HTML or PHP.

WordPress as a Content Management System

We can build your new website and blog using WordPress as a content management platform. Using this platform means that the functionality is scalable, robust and future-proofed. As WordPress is a well known platform, there are many plugins for it, so should you need a poll, gallery, or other functionality, there is bound to be a plugin for it!

We’re offering dedicated wordpress development which will get you started with customised theme, a range of social media plugins and some one to one training to ensure you have the right processes in place to build a positive social media presence on-line.

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