Social Meda Training and Workshops

We take the same principles and stages for researching and setting up a social media campaign but work with your in-house team to educate them so that they can deliver it.

The process is carried out through a number of workshops and hands on sessions covering topics such as:

  • The objectives of the campaign and how to measure success
  • Where are the conversations for the target market happening and how often – setting up the tracking
  • Which sites to target
  • Blog – set up, URLs, design, ownership & plan in training
  • LinkedIn – opportunities & approach
  • Twitter – do you need to be on there? Have you the resources to support ongoing?
  • The content – how it will be generated, by whom and how often
  • How to engage in the conversations / tone of voice / style
  • Set up profiles and accounts on the sites
  • Company policy on blogging / twitter etc
  • The business process to support the campaign
  • How to promote new channels through existing ones (e.g. email campaigns, links on website etc)

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