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Community management has grown in importance as companies are integrating it into their digital marketing mix.  Finding people with the right mix of skills, know-how and understanding of how to grow a community is crucial to the success.

Whether you have an existing community or are looking at evolving, growing , nurturing and building a community, we can help.

An online community is ‘a virtual community exists online and whose members enable its existence through taking part in membership sign up’

Community management is the process of growing, nurturing and steering a community through digital tools such as bulletin boards (or forums), chat rooms, blog posts, blog comments, webinars, Google+ Hangouts, and other social media tools.

Companies are using community management as a means of increasing brand loyalty, brand awareness, crowd sourcing, product improvements, feedback.  In digital darwinism terms, those companies who develop an online community around their brand and company, create a unique selling point compared to your competitors.

Whether you have an existing community and you want to launch a community we have three packages which are designed to suit your needs

Launching a Community

Every community will have goals of what they want to achieve, and staying true to these is important. These need to be aligned with your business goals as well as company culture.

We will collaborate with your teams to identity the goals of the community, technologies, tools and content plan. We will work out the phases for the community and the required content & technology plan to deliver these.

Defining the metrics and how to measure these is important to evaluate how well the community is performing. Finally we would work out the daily and weekly tasks required to grow and nurture the community.

Community Management and Social Media Audit / Consultancy

We will work with your team to identify the required outcomes of the audit / consultancy. We would then audit your existing community, specifically looking at your current workflows, tools, content, documentation, moderation, and strategies. We will then present our recommendations for growing, expanding or improving the effectiveness of your community.

Ongoing Community Management

You may be considering outsourcing your community  management. Optimum Exposure have been managing online communities for over 10 years and our latest clients include On Landscape, an online community for landscape photographers and IoD Yorkshire, a blog and linkedin group for IoD Yorkshire Members.

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