IzziWizziKids Interview: Using Social Media for Customer Research

We caught up with Alison Boxall Gordon, founder of IzziWizziKids based in Wakefield, Yorkshire. In this interview we hear from Alison on how she’s used social media to grow IzziWizziKids, an online interactive play forum.  Using videos, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, the online community of parents talking and sharing know-how of kids play has been a great success.

Social Proof & Online Shopping

Major kids brands are now working with the online community to test drive their new products to get feedback and inout from the parents and children.

Alison touches on the topic of social proof.  When parents research buying toys for their kids, researching what other parents and kids are saying about the product is becoming a key stage in the buying process.

Using the community has generated content around specific toys and brands which is helping brands engage more with their audience & customers, drive more sales & feedback.

Creating niche communities which can then work with associated brands is a new area where brands can expand their interactions online. It’s proving a successful formula for companies an brand to work together to create content which creates a buzz around the bran and yet engages in a true collaboration with their customers.

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