SearchWiki – being tested in Adwords?

Back in November Google launched SearchWiki where Google Account users can modify search listings. I did a blog posting about it in January. Using Search Wiki, users can add, delete, amend or comment on a listing. So what’s big about that?

Google stores this data so you can view other people’s combined results. So ultimately I can see Google integrating this into the search algorithms. So the listings on your website would be influenced by your visitors overall experience of the website / company / customer services etc. Since I read the article in November I have long seen this as a new tool to be integrated.

Google Adwords – is this the test?
Today there are articles on Search Engine Land and E Consultancy both saying that they have seen this being tested on Google Adwords. The question of the moment is that if enough people remove the ad will it effect the Quality Score on the PPC………is this is the software being tested in earnest.

I guess if the testing is successful then it might get rolled out into the search listings.

So what does this mean for Ads and natural optimisation?

  • Companies can’t be lazy when setting up their PPC campaigns and tailor the content to the ads
  • People need to take a holistic approach to web design / customer service / operations / usability – as these are the criteria your customers will be judging websites on. Unless customers get an all round good experience, then in one click they can remove you from the search listings
  • Companies need to engage with their customers online – either through blogs, twitter,…… this could be a turning point and unless you’re an early adopter you’ve missed the boat.

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