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Forum Marketing – still worth if for Traffic & SEO

Forum marketing feels like old school digital marketing as it was one of the original ways toforum_marketing_tips drive visitors to a website and get inbound links.

With the advent of SEO, forum marketing fell out of favour, as more web masters looked at short cuts for getting inbound links. Buying links or doing guest blog posts seems to have been the key areas where people have focused their attention to get inbound links.


Online Circle of Influence Effects Search Engine Listings

Your overall rankings in the search engines are influenced by who’s connected to you in your circle of influence i.e. – twitter, blogs, links, comments etc…

What do I mean by this?

Last week I was preparing a presentation for the Leeds Business Network and I asked my husband to do a few searches. He searched for ‘What is online credibility’ in Google and I appeared in the top 10 (see screen shot). When I searched in Google when I wasn’t logged in and on a different IP, I didn’t come up at all. (more…)

Have you audited your website recently?

Todays’ guest blog post is by

Wendy Chamier who is a web consultant who focuses on your website success and emarketing.

Your site is looking absolutely peachy right? 
 OK, maybe not so peachy, and you think it could do better. But you are getting visitors to your site, you are getting sales through the site, so what’s the problem?
Besides, you are more interested in sexy new social media “stuff” !
Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot to be excited about with social media, and lots to take your time and attention, but it could be a mistake to leave your website languishing in the process.

On The Web

Your online credibility is an increasingly important way of showcasing your specialised knowledge and expertise which will build your online credibility. As more people engage with the social web differentiating yourself become imperative

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