Impact of Google+ Integration into Search Results

Last week Google announced the launch of “Search, plus your world“, which delivers search results with Google+ content included.

This breaks down into 3 features:

  • Personal results – which will find information shared by people who you’re connected with (mainly on Google)
  • Profile searches – in Google instant autocomplete and results which will deliver people who might be interested in following
  • People and pages – deliver results which include people and Google+ pages you might be interested in

Impact on other networks

Is Google’s monopoly power one step to far as they have excluded Twitter or Facebook fan pages from this change. It certainly seems to have upset the law team at twitter.

Other sites such as online tech blogs like Gizmodo,Technorati, Search Engine Land, Scripting News, and Business Insider are all up in protest about the Google+ entering the search listings

 So what does this all mean for business?

There are a few repercussions of this change but here are 2 top recommendations:

  1. Businesses who participate in SEO need to actively promote and use their Google+ page.  The posts sent out need to be a mixture of engaging for the users but equally optimised copy for Google.
  2. Having the Google+ link in the ‘follow me’ on website is another way of signalling that this is high priority for a website
  3. Actively participate in Google+.  Just submitting content is not enough, Google will be looking at the relevancy of your circles and the more connected you are, the more probability of showing in the search results.

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