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More business is being done online – so where are you at?

When you switch on the news or logon to a news website all you hear is the doom and gloom of the recession. There are always winners and opportunities at times like these, and it is making sure you are on the right side of it.

Looking at some statistics always focus’s the mind on the opportunities:

  • In the UK people spend more time online than in any other European country, averaging 33 hours per month. That’s 8 hours a week, double the time spent reading newspapers and magazines. (comScore World Metrix, Sep 200, JupiterResearch, ‘Media Consumption Patterns: Online Vies with TV As Primary Medium)
  • 30% of consumers are more actively seeking out promotions than they were 12 months ago. (The Retail Bulletin ‘Consumers seek out promotions as economic downturn bites’, Jun 2008)
  • 73% of users find search engines an important resource when researching a product, ahead of personal recommendations (63%). (EIAA Mediascope Europe Study, Nov 2007)
  • Around 30% of online consumers in the UK, France and Germany post a comment to an online newsgroup or a website during a typical week. (Harris Interactive ‘Digital Influence Index’, Jun 2008)
  • Social networks now receive one in, every five page impressions in the UK.— Hitwise ‘The Impact of Social Networking in the UK’, Nov 2007

What this means for businesses is that:

  • More people are spending more time online.
  • The user of search engines when researching a purchase is key.
  • More people are searching for discounts and vouchers
  • People are actively getting involved with online communities and posting comments.

Getting involved in doing business online is key to surviving the rocky road ahead. The slow down will drive the adoption of new technologies and the use of the internet.

Businesses that embrace the new technologies and building business online will grow their competitive advantage. Companies that ignore online marketing, do so at their peril.

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