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Launching a Membership Site on WordPress: Plugins Review

Using WordPress, there are many plugins which will enable you to expand the functionality of the website to grow a community & membership. We have looked and reviewed a few plugins.

Membership Plugins on WordPress

Enabling different level of membership on a site to enable only subscribed members to rad certain content is a great way to build a community. Having some free content is key to hook people in and to convert browsers -> members.

When choosing which plugins to use, a key area to research is the support they provide.  There’s always going to be some glitches (it’s software after all!) but how companies respond and manage their support is key. This plugin is fundamental to your members, and if there are problems, you don’t want to annoy your members!

Upgrading to the paid for plugins is also recommended and if these are fundamental to your business, perhaps looking at the support contracts as well. (more…)

Moving From Blogger > WordPress

I have been using Blogger for my platform for over 3 years and I have taken the decision to migrate my blog and website over to WordPress.

Over the 3 years I have been using Blogger, Google does not seem to have kept the softeware up to date with developments in Open Source Software.  Wordpress has overtaken Blogger in terms of market share and functionality. Blogger is definitely the poor relation and has been neglected.


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