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If I went to a networking event and met someone in the same industry – what would you talk about!?

A while back at a networking event I met someone who was a web company who did SEO and SMM – including blogging and twitter.

We started talking about the approaches to SEO and SMM – and I was amazed that we had such different views.

I take a more holistic approach to search engine optimisation – looking at the technical and content aspects of the site – from CSS layout to query strings to title tags to link titles.

Bolting on a blogging and twitter strategy can boost your SEO campaign & traffic to your site:

  1. Adding a blog is a quick and easy way of adding new content on a frequent basis – which is what Google looks for
  2. Inbound links – commenting on other people’s blogs creates inbound links into your website
  3. Getting your articles reblogged is another great way to get inbound links
  4. Twitter can be a good source of quality traffic to your site – if the campaign is being run effectively

So that was my view……….this chap then continued to say that he pushed the information from his blog to Twitter and LinkedIn account and pushed his tweets to his facebook account. So it was about ensuring the right message and brand values were communicated in which ever social media site people looked at.

That completely missed the point of participating in these sites – as surely it’s about a dialogue and not a monologue. It’s about engaging with others – whether it’s your peers, contemporaries or customers – it’s about engaging with them and having a dialogue. NOT PREACHING your opinions to them.

Needless to say after a short conversation I accepted that we were never going to share the same views on this and moved on to talk to someone who shared the same values and beliefs as me.

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