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IoD ‘Just Lunch’ Monday 25th January – Reflections

We hosted the first in our series of ‘Just Lunch’ networking events yesterday at 3 Albion Place, 12 – 2pm.

It was a group of members that attended, and for some their first networking event they have attended at the IoD and others it was great to catch up. (more…)

IoD Young Directors Forum Yorkshire and Humber

Stepping up to the Challenge

2009 has been a great year for the Young Directors Forum, we have had a great turn out to our events and we have run more engaging events for our membership that have provided real value and networking. (more…)

IoD Yorkshire and Humber Young Directors Forum

Back in the summer I was appointed the Chairman of the IoD Young Directors Forum for Yorkshire and Humber. At the end of 2008, I now reflect on the achievements of the forum this year.

So what is the YDF?
I asked myself the same question when I was appointed – ‘What do we stand for and what’s our vision?’. I am fortunate to have a wonderful committee who are enthusiastic and committed. We spent some time working through our vision and what makes us different.

“Provide emerging leaders with support and development to enable personal and business success. Aim to represent and support views of the forum’s membership in the Yorkshire business community and we will build partnerships with the key power bases in the region to allow this to happen.”

What makes us different to other IoD branches?

  • We are tomorrow’s leaders, today
  • Challenge current IoD thinking and practise
  • Embrace modern ways of working, not held back
  • Latest technology
  • Social networking
  • Link traditional and new works of working
  • Informal | Relaxed | fun
  • People centred

The Plan for 2009
In the current economic climate we have spent time talking to our members about what they want in 2009 and how we can engage with our members. A key message that came back is that people are feeling isolated and are feeling the pressures of running a business.

I would like to develop the membership of the YDF into something of real value where younger members of the IoD can share their experiences and discuss ideas and current issues with their contemporaries. The ultimate aim that we all can develop skills and relationships that will allow us to become business leaders of the future.

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