Google Merchant – are you making the most this growing channel?

Back at the end of September Google announced the split of Google Base. Google Merchant is an account where you can submit your product based feed. This information drives the data in Google Shopping. Google Base remains in place but for non product information such as houses or cars.

How do I find out where Google Merchant data is shown?

Google Shopping is on the top left of the screen. This data is how the Google Merchant data is displayed to the customer.

What is interesting is the ability to rate the seller and leave comments. Which keeps me guessing that your customer comments will ultimately have an effect on your rankings in Google.


Integration of Shopping Results in Web Listings
Since then I’ve been tracking Google Merchant and how Google is showing this data. On a far more frequent basis I have seen the shopping results in the first page of the search results. I have seen them near to the top, middle and bottom of the first page.

Submitting your products via Google Merchant increases your reach in Google because you increase the opportunity of your website and products being shown in the search listings.

Make sure your product titles and descriptions contain the main key phrases people are searching for things like ‘diesel jeans’ – as there is an element of SEO here….the well optimised Google Merchant feed will have a higher opportunity of ranking than those which aren’t!

The way the shopping results are shown, I would imagine the click through on these are higher than the standard search listings, purely because they draw you to them.

What do you need to do next?

If you run an ecommerce site and want to boost the sales over this festive time. Get your web development company to set up the XML file that’s need to drive this.
What I have realised over the years is that it’s no chance that Google has launched Google Merchant so close to Christmas and started showing the shopping results merged with the web listings. After all, their aim is to provide the customer with the ultimate search results – and what better way to do it!

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