Google Preview Rolled Out in Search Listings

Over the past few weeks Google has been rolling out Google preview.  This enables users to view the website page before clicking through so they do a visual comparison of the website. This is a great development as it will help them decide which sites are right for them.

What does this mean for Websites

  • Flash – if you have any part of your site which is in Flash, then this will be shown as a blank space or even ‘site preview unavailable’
  • Content – the search terms will be highlighted in the copy on the page so users can evaluate the content.  Therefore the search terms need to be prominent and obvious in the page
  • Improve web layout / design – people will be judging to click through based on the visual impact of the page. Ensure your web pages are appealing!

What does it means for visitors from Search Engines

  • Visitor numbers may decrease – if the web page shown doesn’t show inspiring web content, or no preview, then you might not get the visit compared to previously
  • Bounce rate will decrease  – the bounce rate is the percentage of single-page visits or visits in which the person left your site from the entrance (landing) page.  In theory, visitors will be more sure that they want to visit your site so they should should not just bounce off. Therefore the bounce rate on your website will drop
  • Click through rate – in theory the click thorugh rate from impression to click will change.  It will be entirely dependent up on the preview of your website and your title tag / meta description.
  • Title Tag / Meta Description – these will be coming more important than ever. Ensuring they reflect the content on the page, contain the key phrases and that they are compelling to encourage the customer to view the preview.
  • Check how your pages are built & designed – do they contain flash? Are the headings large enough to read?  How does your website look when it’s scaled down to the size of a postage stamp?

How does your website look in the preview.  Have you had to change your website to improve the look and feel? Has it impacted your website as yet?

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