E-Commerce Site Owners – It’s time to get ready for Christmas

I hear those e-commerce site owners shouting – ‘Really?!’

I’m really serious, and I know it’s August. So what am I on about?

Getting those rankings in the run up to Christmas

If you look at Google trends on some of your main key phrases, then you will know that people start researching Christmas presents in November.

So working back, to achieve good listings in the search engines in November, you need to start putting the content live now, so you can achieve those rankings in time.

Don’t think products at this stage
You may be still thinking about the exact range of product that you will be stocking for Christmas. That doesn’t stop you writing content and start getting those rankings.

So what do you need to do

  • If you have any analytics from Christmas last year, work out which terms created the best conversions.
  • Work out which terms you didn’t get the traffic on, but you should be targeting (specifically using Google trends so you can look at search volumes over the festive period)
  • Then look at the site content and what you need to put in place to achieve those rankings
  • Think laterally about the content – at this stage it might be a shopping guide to getting the best deal online for your product or services.
  • You need to get your Christmas Range up online in September at the very latest. Ensure those specific campaign key phrases are interwoven into the products descriptions
  • Continually add themed content around those festive terms over the next few weeks.
  • Keep evaluating your rankings and traffic – and refine your campaign accordingly
  • After Christmas this year – make sure you write a comprehensive list of what worked and didn’t – and the stats. So you’ve got a head start next year.

Over the past few years whilst I’ve been working with a number of difference e-commerce sites on their marketing strategy, I’ve always mentioned it at this time of year. The number of times I have been dismissed as a bit off the wall. But then they have missed the early opportunity.

So come on guys……I know there’s other stuff to think of, but be strategic not tactical – and make a difference in your business.

One thought on “E-Commerce Site Owners – It’s time to get ready for Christmas

  1. Good post Charlotte. I've had similar conversations with e-commerce sites over the years, especially those selling seasonal products. Other key dates throughout the year such as Easter, Valentine's day, Mothers' Day etc, need to be similarly planned for when it comes to an online sales strategy.

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