Thoughts on: The Buzzword Social Media Is DOA In 2010

The Future Buzz blog is a true inspiration to read, Adam write a lot of sense. What’s more it’s refreshing to read a blog of someone who share the same view on the internet.

A previous post Social Media – Its so old school resonated in the post The Buzzword Social Media Is DOA In 2010.

How refreshing to hear other people have the same outlook on social media. That’s social media is a passing buzzword and phase:

‘It’s a buzzword not just because it’s overused, but because it has become too generic to describe anything in a meaningful way. When all websites and all media are social, social media as a term ceases to be relevant. It’s too bland and undescriptive, and has come to describe the internet as a whole.

Couldn’t agree more with that. I have used the word ‘social media’ in this blog, but only as people are familiar with that it means and therefore enables the translation of understanding of the topic. But after all is is all part of the online marketing mix.

In 2010 I think we will see a another .com bubble bursting and reality setting in around this year’s hype of social media. Not all of the business models are sustainable – how can Twitter continue on investment funding and not make money?

Welcome to the new world of socialnomics and the new opportunities for 2010


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