Walking the Talk on SEO and SMM

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. You may have thought I’d given up the ghost on this blogging malarky. Not so, I’ve been focusing on other online marketing.

It’s been a busy year, after losing my sister in law after a courageous battle with cancer, we’ve headed over to near York to be closer to my older brother & his kids. On top of that, I’ve been focusing my efforts on the other two businesses that I’m involved in. So I’m back in ernest.

Walking the Talk

There are so many people, agencies, and companies offering social media from web design companies, to PR agencies, to niche consultancies all offering to help companies with their social media. This is a reflection of the diverse ways social media can be implemented. Running a campaign for an event or book launch is very different to brand awareness for a B2B company or running a customer services channel for a blue chip company or running a SEO campaign for a niche international company.

With new technologies and techniques being launched every day, it’s an effort to keep up with the evolving market place.

Bespoke Drum ScanningI’m passionate about walking the talk rather than talking the talk, which a lot of other companies and people seem to do. Running a consultancy or agency delivering campaigns is all very well. Actually being in the client’s shoes and seeing the campaign from their view is imperative.

Seeing the Campaigns from the Client’s View

It’s not just about the big ideas or going through the motions or the glossy images or the Landscape Photography Magazineglitzy campaign. From my own experiences of running the online marketing for Cheap Drum Scanning and OnLandscape I’ve certainly learnt a lot over the past 18 months, even though I’d say I’m a seasoned online marketeer.

I’ve tested new techniques and old techniques for link building, content creation, building a community and so much more.

Delivering results is what it’s all about, and aligning the campaigns both SEO and social media to the business outcomes, and that’s the key learning. I doubt I could have all these amazing insights if I haven’t taken the leap of faith and decided to walk the talk.

Now I’ve built up this knowledge, I already share those insights with our clients, giving them the depth of my expertise and knowing that I’m talking from a place of experience as a business owner, not just yet another agency, trainer, consultancy going through the motions.  That’s also given me more focus and passion back into what I do.

Testing new software, old techniques, new ideas and having a place where I can test these out is a great opportunity. Admittedly it can be hard work juggling the old time management [which I’ve got uber good at now!]. But being at the cutting edge of some ideas which are emerging, and actually to be in the space in the new emerging digital economy.  OnLandscape is a  paid for content business model, which works on a freemium basis, where 1/3 of the content is free, but the exclusive webinars, videos and articles are paid for. Not many people have got that to work.

Enough of my ramblings. Thumbs up to being back, and look out for my blog posts sharing my insights on SEO and social media from someone who’s walking the the talk…..

Would be great to get your comments – do you walk the talk and if so how?



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