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on-landscape (2)Walking the talk when it comes to social media is important as it backs up your¬†credibility¬† knowledge and know-how. But it’s more than that, it is a USP.

Since I started Optimum Exposure four years ago, it’s become a crowded market place with low barriers to entry. There’s so many different aspects of social, whether it’s PR, lead generation, market research, community engagement, or brand awareness. There’s then the different platforms to manage, report and measure your reach and interactions.

OnLandscape was set up just over 2 years ago (in those days it was called LandscapeGB) as a business. After 18 months we realised that a third of our subscribers were international so we rebranded and changed to OnLandscape. Having tested advertising in magazines and other forms of marketing, we solely depend on exhibitions, SEO, Social Media, email and partnership marketing.

With the landscape (pardon the pun) of SEO and social media changing so quickly, having a test bed where I can pilot the new software, apps or techniques has been handy. OnLandscape benefits as we can lead the way in the market and our audience are social savvy users, so it plays to our audience.

You might think that I’ve gone quite on the blogging front, in fact, I’ve been walking the talk and running the marketing for another business. From that I’ve learnt many insights, pitfalls, ideas and I’l be sharing back on Optimum Exposure and with my network.


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