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Guerrilla Social Media Marketing – short term win, long term gains

I came across this blog on social media marketing on one of the Linked In groups that I participate in. I have used similar techniques before but never really thought about the terminology for what to call it.

This technique is probably used already by some companies launching a new product or service as a method of promotion. The challenges of using guerrilla social media marketing is to engage with customers for the long term rather than for a short term win. People will see through the initial ‘discount voucher’ or initial effort.

It is about building an online profile on the various different sites. Once other users recognise you as a valuable resource for information you become more powerful in that community. Your bookmarks, articles, submissions etc take on greater value than any anonymous contributions. The ultimate goal is the power of influence. Once you have a voice in the community marketing becomes a soft sell rather than a hard one. Which is why companies need to be in for the long haul on social media marketing than for a quick win!

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